We, the Loretto Family are much appreciated of your support!

Because of your monetary donation and untiring labor support, we were able to accomplished much of repair and improvement to the Church, School and Community. The following is the list of what have been done and what is going on in our parish


Things that are being done at Our Lady of Loretto, since 2012:

1. Rectory was renovated and repainted inside and outside. New roof was also installed in 2012.
2. The 2 restrooms inside the Church was renovated and re-opened in 2012. Cost about $25K
3. The 2 Restrooms in the Sacristy are also renovated in 2012.
4. Renovated the old Baptistry and turned it into an Eucharistic Chapel with Air Condition in 2013.
5. All Church’s keys are re-keyed with a Master 2012.
6. School was renovated and repainted in August 2013 by Alex.
7. New Air Conditions (3 new big units + 7 splitters) for School in July 2013.
9. New Air Conditions (2 of 5-ton) to the Rectory in 2013; donated by Andy Tran.
10. New Principal and teachers are hired in 2013.
11. New roofs and gutters for the Church in 2013; donated by the Vietnamese community.
12. All school’s keys are re-keyed with a Master in 2013.
13. New Awning in the north side of the Church in May 2014.
14. New LED lights for the Eastside Parking June 2014.
15. Alex, Chris, Minh and the KoC renovated the Auditorium on August 17th, 2014.
16. The Orlarte donated additional AC for the Auditorium in August 2014.
17. Sound systems are backed in working order in May, 2014.
18. New Parking, June 17, 2014
19. New LED lights in front of the Parish Office July 2014.
20. New roofs for School in January 2014.
21. New fences, gates and automatic gate-openers are installed on October 2015.
22. New phone and network systems by Hugo Ramirez from Superhighway Co. on October, 2015.
23. Canceled XO Communication costs about $600/month and contracted with Sotel Communication for the phone service for about $130/month. October 2015.
24. New Fiber Network @ 500Mbps for $140/month + Cable from TWC for about $20/month on October, 2015
25. New QSC sound system is installed in the Church, donation from Thu Hằng, December, 2015


Beside these, reorganization of ministries and new ministries are also created:
27. Recreated all ministries, using ministries fare day, once a year.
28. New Parish Council, Liturgy Committee, Finance Council, Bereavement ministry are introduced and now working well.
29. Combined the similar ministries and reintroduced them to the parish: Sacrado Corazon, NVES and Hosana are now combined as one group in January 3rd, 2014
30. But unfortunately, the Sacrado Corazon and NVES are calling off and no longer with the parish ministries.
31. Our school is doing well. Thanks to Mrs. Brito and the staffs! 


    For further support and donation, please stop by or send to our office at


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    or simply come in and see us in the office.


    Remember that your support to our Loretto Family is fully Tax-deductible.


    May God bless your generous and thoughtful hearts!  


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